The Jackal and the Fox

Most noteworthy inn of Ironlake. Ran by an Orc named Brackus Alecurdler. He is 7 ft tall and speaks in a low, deep voice, pausing after every sentence to carefully choose his words. He also constantly changed his gaze, making eye contact with everyone around him over and over in rapid succession.

A spacious inn of middle class amenities. The J&F is kept dark by covered windows and low lit candles. A minstrel sits on a raised corner of the common room, strumming out a lazy song upon his lute. Smoke circles slowly around the tables. On one far wall is a large message which reads “The Money Board” with announcements, dictations, and want ads.

1-Wanted: Able bodied and hardy persons to hire for a collection expedition into the fell bog for fellroot. 45 gp per sample. Contact Trempus at the Mortar and Pestle.

2-”Ironlake needs you” Free room and board and a sign on bonus for a three month contract to serve as a city guard. Enjoy the amenities of our fine city while while earning an honest mans pay. This offer has been removed by order of Duke Hammond

3-Mercenary Escort. Trading caravan to the upper north. Three week journey. Pay negotiable. Contact Jeremius Bigknuckle at the SW corner of The Crescent Commons.

4- Fame and glory await you in the arena. Earn gold, and freebies from local specialty merchants. Do you have what it takes to fight your way to the top and challenge the arcane academy’s champion “XP-076”. Sponsored by the Arcane Acadamy and the Ironlake Warforged research committee. below this announcment is a handwritten addendum. Any tem that can destroy XP-076 will each get a free item from Rory’s Emporium, signed Rory Embergaurd

The Jackal and the Fox

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