Acadamy of the Arcane

The Arcane Acadamy stands out like a beacon among its surrounding structures. High gates and able looking robed gaurds bar entry into the grounds from those who do not have official business. The Acadamy is built with a flair of gothic and macabre engineering with gargoyles and flying buttresses along its corners and peaks. It looks to be a spacious multiple storied building. There are brass inlaid plaques along the gate wall which have various information.

1- “The warforged are a superior replacement for the common guard. They are an expendable, albeit expensive resource, given life and ability through magical means, and programmed to efficiently execute the action of their programming. They do not sleep, eat or get sick and require no stipend or pay for their duties. They are a superior alternative and will one day be the face of local militia across the land.” quoted by Archmage Dassius Starweaver

This plaque has been defaced, hacked at and has multiple expletives handwritten across it or carved into its face.

2= The Arcane Acadamy exists to aid, and enlighten the brethren of Ironlake on the instruction, support and convenience of the magic of Davothian heritage and is a testament to the unity of peace and friendship between Ironlake and Davoth- Archmage Dassius SW

Acadamy of the Arcane

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