Pursuit of a shapeshifter

The party ventures into the the Collectives hideout after destroying the forces inside. They encounter the cook Siterum, a fat ,ruddy faced man with a playful nature. He claims no loyalty to the collective and leaves. They enter a lavishly decorated room and find papers burning in a fireplace. one letter still legible indicates that a Lord Pinman issued orders to the doppleganger leader there and he knows who Able is. The doppleganger failed though to keep a enigmatic spiderhawk feather in her possession from Able. He remembers a bit of his past as an assassin and remembers that the feather was instrumental in both his uncanny stealth and his lethality.

Another letter gives a clue that the fled doppleganger may have run to Amon’s crossing, where her sister has usurped the place of a leader in the Goliath council responsible for trade and diplomacy with the humans of Amon’s Crossing.
In a stroke of luck the party finds and revives a dead Goliath in the hideout prison. He happens to be Dodesyl, the Goliath leader who has been supplanted. The party agrees to help him and expose the doppleganger. Goliath hides in the mountain near Amon’s crossing until summoned by a magic mouth spell placed on him by Jadanar.

The party travels to Amon’s crossing and learns that flint trade from the Goliath mountain mines has all but stopped due to increased raiding by orcs, ogres and trolls. The only human still alive and willing to travel to the mines is a braggart named Culvis. The party travels with him to one of the mines looking for information. They survive an ambush and discover that Culvis is a Collective agent. Jadanar tortures him for information. The party routes a group of orcs and ogres at a minesite, only to be walloped by a mysterious ogre mage who flees the scene. The party must still decide what path to take in approaching the Goliath council and exposing the collective agent there

Return to Ironlake

The party returns to Callie and are verbally thrashed for leaving her undead son “alive” in the service of Nara Zull. Jadanar is able to get info from her about possible origins of the Philosophers stone and the process which creates Ioun stones. When they return to Ironlake, scholar Ansai Ambersmith informs them of a story of how the north was almost overtaken ages ago by an undead king hailing from the shadowfell. He used stafflike relics of power like the one the party acquired from Zull. the story also speaks of the Brightstar victory over the king.

A mysterious message leads Able to a meeting with Magnus, who requests his assistance in rooting out a nearby hideout for “The Collective.” Able enlists his allies and they proceed under the veil of night and with stealth to find a long steep cliffside protecting the area. The party regroups and gathers supplies, then repels down the cliffside and attacks the hideout, winning a dangerously close victory over the cutthroats, and engaging a Doppleganger female who fled the scene. The party has yet to actually infiltrate the building.


The party infiltrates Nara Zull’s prison and find a powerful minion of Nara Zull’s called only “The Warden.” After discussion the party agrees to speak to Nara Zull, who appears as a transient projection and claims to have kidnapped Lady Everon in an attempt to get the party there. He offers the party a truce and requests their help in acquiring shards of a powerful artifact known as “The Philosophers Stone.” The party agrees but not before Joseph demands to meet Nara Zull in person when the shards are acquired and delivered. A very interesting alliance.

Intro to the Shadowfell

The crew sets out to the Fellbog, encountering Lucien, who attempts to purchase Able on behalf of the Collective. The party refuses, and later faces off against Lucien and his cronies, barely defeating him. Tiathor now carries Luciens balls on his person. The Party finds a portal to the Shadowfell guarded by a black dragon, They make quick work of him and enter the Shadowfell, porting to an elevated expanse of mountain. Here they meet Callie, a elderly woman who exudes great power but seems a bit like a hermit. She explains to the party how Nara Zull raised an undead army and has turned against the people he was descended from, the Shadar-Kai. She warns the party that they will likely find no ally in the Shadar-Kai, even as the party witnesses a mass clashing of the undead and Shadar-kai armies in the valley below. The party chooses covertness and skirts the base of the mountains, attempting to loop the shadar-Kai village and scale the cliffside of Nara-Zulls slavegrounds, hoping to find information on how to reach Zull, and also to hopefully save Jadanar’s mother, Everon. At Jadanars suggestion, the party attempts to bypass Shadar-Kai scouts by posing as Shadar-Kai slavers. This almost worked, but the party was forced to massacre one scout group and now approach the slavegrounds cliffside.

Ironlake Intro

Our crew is attacked outside the city of Ironlake by a group of supernatural enemies apparently on a mission to retrieve the corrupting relic from the adventurers hands. The group began to explore the city. Able has been recognized on more than one occaison by people he does not know and he senses danger. Jadanar attempts to gain entry into the arcane acadamy, meeting a tiefling guard named Tussa who talks incessently, but yields no worthwhile info. Most noteworthy though is that the party has become the new arena champions, successfully defeating XP-076, a massive custom built warforged. This has gained the party local notariety. The “headhunters” were somehow informed of Able and called him out during their arena battle, however Able did not get many answeres because the headhunters were slain. The heroes also met with Ansai Ambersmith, who has indicated that the local alchemist may lead them to a link to the shadowfell. The party has accepted a charter from Trempus, a Dragonborn alchemist who runs the Mortar and Pestle, to travel to the nearby fellbog and acquire fellroot for the Ironlake alchemist. He will not return there himself after an incident with a large “beast of shadow.”

Trouble in the Feywild
"Pork" The other white meat

A warmage named Nara Zull constructed corrupting relics which, when placed into the ground near a feydoor, twisted the portals translocation to some unknown location. The relics magic is two fold, they also transmute any elf of Fey origin who approaches them into a pig. This is how Nara Zull used a very small force of Hobgoblins to overrun the elves of The White Willow.

The party encountered a group of White willow elves within the frostfire mountains depths as they escaped to the prime material plane through one of the last uncorrupted feydoors. The party entered the Feywild at the request of the elves and succussfully routed the hobgoblin force, climbing the Willow in the process and destroying the relics at each portal.

As a half-elf of White Willow heritage, Jadanar especially is vested in the protection and preservation of the White Willow. His mother has been missing since the invasion and Jadanar anxiously awaits word from [[Elder Willow Council}} of her whereabouts and safety.

Roots in the Snow
Session notes

The adventurers set out to discover why the frostfire mountain peak ice cap is melting, simultaneously sidequesting into an investigation into the killing of a member of the brightstar family. The group saves a family of embalmers from bandits and inadvertantly also saves a young Brightstar boy. During the upset at the embalmers home, one of the bandits recognizes Able and curses him as the one responsible for the severe scarrring of his face. He is consumed by fire though before Able has a chance to inquire further, as he has no recollection of the man or the event. The Pc’s are rewarded well and set out into the icy wilderness toward the mountain. They discover that Kobolds have set up residence in the mountain and as the PC’s make their way into the lair, they surprise the tribe and throw the women and children into a panick of mass retreat. The chief kobold and his bodyguards challenge the party, then retreat as the PC’s give chase. This leads them deep into the mountain to a place with markings and designs that do not seem to be of kobold nature. The final battle ends at the site of a large rage drake, which has been chained to some kind of portal door. The Pc’s defeat the kobolds just as the portal activates and a host of elves burst through with arrows nocked.Snowblind


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