Roots in the Snow

Session notes

The adventurers set out to discover why the frostfire mountain peak ice cap is melting, simultaneously sidequesting into an investigation into the killing of a member of the brightstar family. The group saves a family of embalmers from bandits and inadvertantly also saves a young Brightstar boy. During the upset at the embalmers home, one of the bandits recognizes Able and curses him as the one responsible for the severe scarrring of his face. He is consumed by fire though before Able has a chance to inquire further, as he has no recollection of the man or the event. The Pc’s are rewarded well and set out into the icy wilderness toward the mountain. They discover that Kobolds have set up residence in the mountain and as the PC’s make their way into the lair, they surprise the tribe and throw the women and children into a panick of mass retreat. The chief kobold and his bodyguards challenge the party, then retreat as the PC’s give chase. This leads them deep into the mountain to a place with markings and designs that do not seem to be of kobold nature. The final battle ends at the site of a large rage drake, which has been chained to some kind of portal door. The Pc’s defeat the kobolds just as the portal activates and a host of elves burst through with arrows nocked.Snowblind



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