Trouble in the Feywild

"Pork" The other white meat

A warmage named Nara Zull constructed corrupting relics which, when placed into the ground near a feydoor, twisted the portals translocation to some unknown location. The relics magic is two fold, they also transmute any elf of Fey origin who approaches them into a pig. This is how Nara Zull used a very small force of Hobgoblins to overrun the elves of The White Willow.

The party encountered a group of White willow elves within the frostfire mountains depths as they escaped to the prime material plane through one of the last uncorrupted feydoors. The party entered the Feywild at the request of the elves and succussfully routed the hobgoblin force, climbing the Willow in the process and destroying the relics at each portal.

As a half-elf of White Willow heritage, Jadanar especially is vested in the protection and preservation of the White Willow. His mother has been missing since the invasion and Jadanar anxiously awaits word from [[Elder Willow Council}} of her whereabouts and safety.



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