Return to Ironlake

The party returns to Callie and are verbally thrashed for leaving her undead son “alive” in the service of Nara Zull. Jadanar is able to get info from her about possible origins of the Philosophers stone and the process which creates Ioun stones. When they return to Ironlake, scholar Ansai Ambersmith informs them of a story of how the north was almost overtaken ages ago by an undead king hailing from the shadowfell. He used stafflike relics of power like the one the party acquired from Zull. the story also speaks of the Brightstar victory over the king.

A mysterious message leads Able to a meeting with Magnus, who requests his assistance in rooting out a nearby hideout for “The Collective.” Able enlists his allies and they proceed under the veil of night and with stealth to find a long steep cliffside protecting the area. The party regroups and gathers supplies, then repels down the cliffside and attacks the hideout, winning a dangerously close victory over the cutthroats, and engaging a Doppleganger female who fled the scene. The party has yet to actually infiltrate the building.



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