Pursuit of a shapeshifter

The party ventures into the the Collectives hideout after destroying the forces inside. They encounter the cook Siterum, a fat ,ruddy faced man with a playful nature. He claims no loyalty to the collective and leaves. They enter a lavishly decorated room and find papers burning in a fireplace. one letter still legible indicates that a Lord Pinman issued orders to the doppleganger leader there and he knows who Able is. The doppleganger failed though to keep a enigmatic spiderhawk feather in her possession from Able. He remembers a bit of his past as an assassin and remembers that the feather was instrumental in both his uncanny stealth and his lethality.

Another letter gives a clue that the fled doppleganger may have run to Amon’s crossing, where her sister has usurped the place of a leader in the Goliath council responsible for trade and diplomacy with the humans of Amon’s Crossing.
In a stroke of luck the party finds and revives a dead Goliath in the hideout prison. He happens to be Dodesyl, the Goliath leader who has been supplanted. The party agrees to help him and expose the doppleganger. Goliath hides in the mountain near Amon’s crossing until summoned by a magic mouth spell placed on him by Jadanar.

The party travels to Amon’s crossing and learns that flint trade from the Goliath mountain mines has all but stopped due to increased raiding by orcs, ogres and trolls. The only human still alive and willing to travel to the mines is a braggart named Culvis. The party travels with him to one of the mines looking for information. They survive an ambush and discover that Culvis is a Collective agent. Jadanar tortures him for information. The party routes a group of orcs and ogres at a minesite, only to be walloped by a mysterious ogre mage who flees the scene. The party must still decide what path to take in approaching the Goliath council and exposing the collective agent there



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