Ironlake Intro

Our crew is attacked outside the city of Ironlake by a group of supernatural enemies apparently on a mission to retrieve the corrupting relic from the adventurers hands. The group began to explore the city. Able has been recognized on more than one occaison by people he does not know and he senses danger. Jadanar attempts to gain entry into the arcane acadamy, meeting a tiefling guard named Tussa who talks incessently, but yields no worthwhile info. Most noteworthy though is that the party has become the new arena champions, successfully defeating XP-076, a massive custom built warforged. This has gained the party local notariety. The “headhunters” were somehow informed of Able and called him out during their arena battle, however Able did not get many answeres because the headhunters were slain. The heroes also met with Ansai Ambersmith, who has indicated that the local alchemist may lead them to a link to the shadowfell. The party has accepted a charter from Trempus, a Dragonborn alchemist who runs the Mortar and Pestle, to travel to the nearby fellbog and acquire fellroot for the Ironlake alchemist. He will not return there himself after an incident with a large “beast of shadow.”



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