Intro to the Shadowfell

The crew sets out to the Fellbog, encountering Lucien, who attempts to purchase Able on behalf of the Collective. The party refuses, and later faces off against Lucien and his cronies, barely defeating him. Tiathor now carries Luciens balls on his person. The Party finds a portal to the Shadowfell guarded by a black dragon, They make quick work of him and enter the Shadowfell, porting to an elevated expanse of mountain. Here they meet Callie, a elderly woman who exudes great power but seems a bit like a hermit. She explains to the party how Nara Zull raised an undead army and has turned against the people he was descended from, the Shadar-Kai. She warns the party that they will likely find no ally in the Shadar-Kai, even as the party witnesses a mass clashing of the undead and Shadar-kai armies in the valley below. The party chooses covertness and skirts the base of the mountains, attempting to loop the shadar-Kai village and scale the cliffside of Nara-Zulls slavegrounds, hoping to find information on how to reach Zull, and also to hopefully save Jadanar’s mother, Everon. At Jadanars suggestion, the party attempts to bypass Shadar-Kai scouts by posing as Shadar-Kai slavers. This almost worked, but the party was forced to massacre one scout group and now approach the slavegrounds cliffside.



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